Secure Your Home: The Must Know Benefits of Home Insurance

benefits of home insurance

Buying a house is a big life investment that you make. Buying a home requires many years of savings and a lot of financial planning. 

And when this much effort has been made to buy a house, you never really want it to be lost because of some unforeseen events. 

That’s why there is home insurance that protects your home from all kinds of unforeseen loss or damages. 

Still, many Indians refrain from buying home insurance because they consider it an additional expense. 

If you don’t know whether you need home insurance, read this article until the end to understand the importance of home insurance and its benefits. 

Let’s start by defining home insurance.

About Home Insurance in Short

Although it’s very clear by the name of the insurance still if we have to explain it, we can say that the home insurance plan offers financial coverage for any damage to your home. 

It is a way to safeguard different aspects of your financial life. 

Now, lets move on the main point- the benefits of home insurance. 

Benefits Offered by a Home Insurance Policy in India

Here are the reasons why you should buy home insurance:

1. Protects More Than Just a Home

Unlike popular belief, home insurance not only just protects your home but also every supplementary structure that comes along with your house like your garage, backyard, fences, and every other belonging in the home. 
But, home insurance does not protect your land. 

2. Covers Home Repairs and Replacements

One significant benefit of home insurance is that it also takes care of the repairs and replacements you make because of every damaged or stolen property in the home. 

3. Makes life easier for you

You will also be covered for temporary living expenses until your home has been renovated or replaced if your home becomes damaged or uninhabitable for some unfortunate reason.

4. Provides Protection Against Liabilities

Home insurance also pays for any type of liabilities caused inside or because of your property. For instance, there was a fire at your house and it also spread to your neighbors. The insurance will protect you and your house from any such legal problems. 

5. Protects Against Natural and Man-made Disasters

Home insurance also protects your home against the damages caused due to natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, or man-made disasters like thefts and riots. 

6. Helps Rebuild Your Home

Seeing the home getting destroyed that you worked so hard to build can be very disheartening. The more painful part is to rebuild it again. Having home insurance will help you financially while rebuilding your home. 

On top of all these benefits, you will get peace of mind for a lifetime. 

Because home insurance offers such a wide range of benefits, skipping on purchasing one will surely expose you to several financial risks associated with your home.

So, if you are planning to buy a house, don’t forget to get your home insurance coverage.

PolicyWings is an insurance brokerage site where you can compare several home insurance policies to choose the one that best suits you.

To learn more in detail about the home insurance plan than reach out to us and our consultant will answer all your question so that you get complete surety. 

By home insurance cover through PolicyWings for a tension free life.


A home insurance cover in India offers protection against any loss or accidental damage to the home or the contents of the home like electrical appliances, fixtures, and many more personal belongings.

The list of benefits that you will get after buying home insurance in India are:
Complete home protections
Coverage against home repairs and replacements
Protection against liabilities
Coverage against natural or man-made disasters…and many more.

Home insurance typically covers damage to a home and its contents due to events like fire, theft, and natural disasters. As part of the policy, you are also covered for liability for injuries on the property and additional living expenses in case the home becomes uninhabitable.

Yes, you can claim for lost jewelry on home insurance if it includes personal property coverage. However, coverage limits and conditions apply, and you may need additional endorsements or riders for high-value items.

Home insurance usually doesn’t cover wall cracks caused by wear and tear or poor maintenance. However, it may cover cracks resulting from sudden, accidental events like storms, earthquakes, or water damage, depending on the policy specifics.

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