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Privacy Policy

Policywings Insurance Brokers takes all necessary steps to maintain the privacy of the information and data of their clients and users. Our privacy policy will enable you to get a better understanding of how we obtain, collect, store, use, process, transfer and protect the data received from you.

Collection of Information:

The information collected by us may include:

  • Your personal data such as your name, address, email id, age, date of birth, contact number, gender, job profile, financial information, occupation and other such delicate personal information.
  • Other necessary data such as your IP address, geographical location, system details such as internet browser, OS version, and the telecom service that you use.
  • Your insurance transaction history, either with us or with any other insurance company, like your policy cover, claim settlement record, history of premium and payments made by you.
  • Other information and data provided by you to the insurance company at the time of applying for insurance policy or any questionnaire.

We may collect your data and information in various ways such as through the use of cookies. Policywings Insurance Brokers stores both temporary and permanent cookies on your computer.

Use of Cookies:

Cookies are files or small pieces of information stored on the computer of the user containing the user’s information. Our company may use the session ID cookies as well as the persistent cookies. The session ID cookies gets terminated and erased once you log out of your system or close your browser. However, a persistent cookie is a micro-text file which gets stored on the hard drive of your computer for a longer period of time. Session ID cookies are used to track the user’s preferences by PRP, while he/she is visiting the website. Cookies also help in minimizing load times and save on server processing. Persistent Cookies are used to store by PRP for example, if you want your password to be remembered or not and other information as well. Cookies used on the PRP website do not consist of personal information.

You may also configure an alert in the browser of your computer to accept or reject the cookie that we send to you. Mostly, your information will be stored in electronic form.

Purpose of collecting your data

Without your prior consent, we do not share any of your non-public information with anyone except,

  • As allowed or required by law, or authority to disclose or any government agency or court of law, to verify the identity, or detecting, investigating or preventing any cyber event or for punishment or prosecution of offences.
  • Catering to your queries and requests as well as facilitating your use of our website.
  • Data analyzing and improvement in our website content, services and products.
  • Identifying and protecting against fraud transactions and any misuse of our website.
  • To implement our Terms of Use.
  • To comply with legal liabilities and regulatory authority.

You give your acknowledgement and consent that Policywings Insurance Brokers can share, transfer, disclose your information to other units based upon the kind of products or services are required by you for any of the permissible purposes.Policywings Insurance Brokers may also disclose or share your information both personal or non-personal if it is essential to share it with those entities to provide you the product and service. You give your consent, unconditionally, to Policywings Insurance Brokers to do the same.

Policywings Insurance Brokers may also share some statistical information or data and/or any non-personal details without your implied consent to facilitate several initiatives or programmes started by the Policywings Insurance Brokers company, third-party service providers, other insurance companies, financial organizations or business partners as and when required.

Policywings Insurance Brokers use third parties such as debit/credit card processing companies, pre-paid cards, payment gateway etc. to empower you to make payments for purchasing products and using our services on the Website. When you sign-up with these services, you have the option of saving the details of your card for future transactions and references. In such an event, we may have to share your related information with the third parties to continue providing such services. This information may include your name, address, and email id.

Processing of payments or the authorization will be solely in accordance with the policies, terms and conditions of the third parties and we will not be liable or have any responsibility towards the third party or towards you for any failure or delay at their side of the dealings and processing of the payments.
You give your consent to Policywings Insurance Brokers to retrieve information(s) related with your motor vehicle from the relevant third-party service provider.
Furthermore, Policywings Insurance Brokers reserves the right to share the information of the client/customer with any of the authorized law enforcement agency (LEAs) or any government agency authorized by law to acquire this information for the verification of your identity or for the prevention, investigation, detection purposes, but not restricted to cyber incidents, prosecution or punishment of any offence.

Links of the Third Party:

We have clarified that when you use our website, you may see the third-party website links, advertisements or electronic communication service provided by the third parties. As any of the third-party operations are not under our control, we do not make any guarantee or endorsement for any of their services or products offered on their website. Policywings Insurance Brokers also does not represent the privacy policy or any other policy of the third-parties. Usage of the third-party website or taking any of their services or products through the third-party shall be at your own risk and Policywings Insurance Brokers is not in any way responsible for damage/loss or any other event.
Policywings recommends that you review and understand the privacy policy of the third-party websites before using these websites.

Security Procedures:

Policywings Insurance Brokers follow commercially viable security procedures to keep your information secure from unauthorized sources, usage, alteration or disclosure. Thus, to keep your information safe, we have adopted several security practices in accordance with the industry standards, to include operational, technical, physical and managerial security controls so that we can keep your personal information safe and secure from all unauthorized sources or access, disclosure while it is under the control of Policywings Insurance Brokers.

Although we take all viable security measures to safeguard your information, you acknowledge that the computer networks or the internet is not completely secure and that it is not possible to provide absolute assurance concerning the safety and security of your information. Thus, you concede that you shall not hold Policywings Insurance Brokers in any way responsible for any loss of information, or any other data shared by you or the data that we have with us in case of loss or damage caused to you due to Force Majeure incidents. You also give your consent that any information including personal information shared with us or transferred at the time of using our website will be at your own risk.

It is clarified that Force Majeure incidents include any incident that is beyond the judicious control of Policywings Insurance Brokers. It may include but is not restricted to fire, explosion, sabotage, natural or man-made calamities, civil war, strikes or industrial action of any form, insurrection, riots, any government action, war, hacking, unauthorized access to computers, computer network, computer system or computer crashes, breach of encryption or security.


Considering the guidelines of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), you hereby authorize Policywings Insurance Brokers, other insurance companies and their partners/affiliates or those who have access to your information due to their association with Policywings Insurance Brokers to contact or communicate with you through email, sms, fixed line or mobile, or any other form of communication even if you have registered your contact number(s) in the National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC) or www.trai.gov.in.

Email-Opt out:

In case you are not any more interested in receiving any email notifications or any other marketing information from Policywings Insurance Brokers, kindly contact us. It may take approximately 10 days for us to process your request

Updating Your Information:

We at Policywings Insurance Brokers take the initiative to update our records with the latest data or information provided by you, but if you see any discrepancy in your personal data, you may contact us through our Grievance Cell to get your information updated.

Change in the Privacy Policy:

Policywings Insurance Brokers reserves the right to alter or modify its privacy policy, at any given time, at its sole discretion. The company has the sole authority to update the privacy policy to display the changes to our information practices. We recommend that you periodically review our website for the same.
Your continuous use of our website gives us your unconditional consent to any change in terms of Privacy Policy.
If you have any issue regarding the Privacy Policy or the collection, retention, disclosure or storage of information provided by you under the guidelines of the Privacy Policy or Terms of Use of Policywings Insurance Brokers including any grievances, you can contact our Grievance Redressal Officer.

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