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How to File a Wedding Insurance Claims: Step-by-Step Guide

Wedding insurance claim

We Indians like to have a big, fat wedding. And by big fat wedding, I mean spending a hefty sum for a 2 to 3-day event. 

Since a wedding is an important milestone in life, people go all out to make their wedding memorable. 

But there’s always this “what if’s” type of situation, and there’s always the possibility of some unpredictable events. And just to be safe from those unforeseen and unexpected events, you should consider getting wedding insurance that will protect you and your family from such eventualities. 

This article will explain the importance of wedding insurance and will guide you through wedding insurance claims process. 

So, let’s just dive in!

What is a Wedding Insurance?

A “wedding insurance” protects against any unpredicted incident or calamity during a wedding event. 

Now, when such a hefty sum is involved at an event, it’s justifiable to get insurance that can protect you from any damage or money loss you might face. 

Having wedding insurance is the best way to overcome any kind of monetary losses that you might incur because of event cancellation. 

So, wedding insurance provides coverage to the insurer against wedding cancellation due to fire, theft, accident, or burglary. 

In case of cancellation, all financial losses related to the cost of decoration, catering, printing of cards, and many other expenses are covered. 

What is Covered Under Marriage Insurance?

Before you learn about the wedding insurance claims process, let’s first have a look at what points are covered under marriage insurance.

So wedding insurance covers:

1. Vendor Issues

One of the major concerns in planning a wedding is the reliability of vendors. Each vendor in a wedding is responsible for the wedding’s success, be it a caterer, photographer, florist, or musician.
Vendor issues like dropouts or late shows can disrupt the entire plan and lead to major financial losses.
A wedding insurance policy covers such incidents and reimburses the couples for the lost deposits and the additional costs needed to secure last-minute. This coverage is provided to recover from vendor-related setbacks.

2. Weather-Related Problems

The majority of weddings include outdoor components. But if a wedding is being carried out in a location where the weather is unpredictable, then there are chances of facing weather-related issues.
Now, weather problems like hurricanes, floods, extreme rain, or any other extreme weather condition, might cause a change in plans.
That’s why, wedding insurance also covers weather-related issues to give protection against any financial loss that might occur due to rescheduling or modifying the event dates.

3. Illness or Injury

The health of the couple and crucial family members is crucial for the wedding to proceed as planned. The postponement or cancellation of an event can be caused by illness or injury to a vital part.
Having wedding insurance ensures that financial burdens resulting from rescheduling or modifying the event are mitigated.

4. Military Deployment

The risk of unexpected deployment of military personnel is a real concern for couples or couples with significant others serving. A wedding insurance policy also offers coverage against military deployment situations and protects the couple against the loss occurring due to a wedding postponement or cancellation.

Things not Covered Under Marriage Insurance are:

  • Terrorist attacks
  • Strike/civil unrest
  • Cancellation of the wedding
  • Kidnapping of the bride/bridegroom
  • loss or harm to the wedding guests’ personal belongings and attire

Wedding Insurance Claim Process

In case your wedding faces any unforeseen event or risk hindering your marriage ceremony, thankfully you have wedding insurance. So you can claim the compensation by following mentioned steps:

  • The first step is to inform the insurance company, right after the eventuality occurs.
  • Fill out the claim form and submit it to the insurer along with other documents. 
  • The insurance company will send a representative to investigate the loss or damage you faced in the marriage ceremony. 
  • Once the claim is proven genuine, the compensation amount will be credited. 
  • The insurance company may also pay the wedding venue or vendor directly.

The above-mentioned “documents” include:

  • Filled claim form
  • Policy photocopy
  • Details of the damage
  • Invoice or receipt of the purchase

Wedding insurance claims can be settled within 30 days of the mishap. There is a 30-day deadline for insurance companies to clarify matters.

To Sum Up, 

Getting wedding insurance is beneficial, after all, when a hefty sum of money is involved, protection is needed. 

But don’t see wedding insurance as not just a financial tool but a means that makes sure the celebration of two people coming together remains faultless by any unexpected events. 

To ensure your wedding day remains blissful, consider taking advantage of this financial safety net as the wedding season approaches.

PolicyWings is an insurance brokerage company that offers lesser-known policies like pet insurance, wedding insurance, and adventure sports insurance

Explore the website for more information about wedding insurance and compare the policies offered by different companies to find the one that best fits your needs.

Or simply contact us, and our team will help you by explaining the policies.


It’s considered best to get the wedding insurance at least 15 days before the wedding date. This will ensure coverage for unforeseen events.

In order to apply for wedding insurance, you must do proper research and compare policies online. To select the wedding policy that best meets your needs, PolicyWings assists you in your research and provides an accurate comparison of all the wedding policies available in the market. Once you have chosen the policy, the next step is to complete the application forms and pay the premiums.

The documents needed in the wedding insurance claim process are:
  • Duly filled claim form
  • Insurance policy photocopy
  • Details of the damage
  • Invoice or receipt of the purchase/bookings
  • The claim settlement process takes anywhere from a week to a month.

    Wedding insurance claims in India are not applicable for some pre-existing conditions, voluntary cancellation, cold feet, or any loss due to negligence and terrorism.

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